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    Shopping at www.rosekini.com is easy. Simply follow the steps below.

    Step 1

    Add some item(s) into your Shopping Cart.
    Select the size, color or quantity if necessary. For some items, we may recommend a size for you. Just click Check My Size;
    Click on “ADD TO CART”.

    Step 2

    Check out when item selection is completed.
    Click the VIEW MY CART button to review the item(s) selected and make some modifications if necessary;
    Click on “SECURELY CHECKOUT” if you are ready to place the order.


    Step 3

    Log in your www.rosekini.com account.
    Choose Sign In if you already have an account on our site;
    Choose New to www.rosekini.com to register with your email account otherwise;
    Or Choose “Checkout Without sign in” button.

    Step 4

    Complete shipping and billing information.
    Fill in the shipping address;
    Select a payment method;
    Choose one shipping option;
    Apply a coupon * and points *;
    Click on “Complete Order”.

    Step 5

    Fill in payment information and then click the CONTINUE button to complete the purchase.

    Step 6

    You’ve successfully completed the order. You will receive the order confirmation email. We will fulfill and ship your order as soon as possible.